Juniors Grading Policy

Grading Selection Panel

Grading Manager

The Grading Manager is responsible for co-ordination of the grading process. The Grading Manager will be appointed to the role by the committee. 

Julian Chan, Senior Men's Technical Director has been appointed as the Grading Manager for 2015 by the committee.

Age Graders
The Age Graders assist the Grading Manager in assessing players' skills. The nominated person should have a good knowledge of the game and the skills required in order to differentiate player skill levels. Persons nominated to coach in a particular age group are able to apply to be age graders. Age graders can be appointed on the day of grading by the TTFC executive. In the interests of obtaining a broad overview of player standards in a specific age group all selectors are encouraged to observe as many matches as possible of that age group over the course of the preceding season.

Age Graders will generally be senior members who preferably have had at least 12 months experience on the TTFC Committee, members of the Senior and Over Age teams or are/have been experienced coaches at TTFC.

Grading Assistants
The Grading Assistants provide help with the grading session to co-ordinate players, equipment and paperwork. No experience necessary.

The Grading Committee
The Grading Committee is comprised of the Grading Manager of the TTFC, plus the appointed Age Graders for that age group. All grading committee members need to be approved by the TTFC Committee.

When grading age groups from Under 12s up, coaches from the previous season will be invited to assist in an advisory capacity at the initial grading session, whether they intend coaching in that age group again or not. These coaches will have a good knowledge of the players and can assist, when requested by the Grading Committee, to provide feedback on certain players.

The Grading Committee will make all final recommendations on team selections to the TTFC Committee for approval. These recommendations are formed after analyzing all recorded information at all the grading sessions; coach feedback (if applicable) and what may have been provided at the completion of the previous season by coaches/managers, via Player Evaluation Sheets.

Grading TimeTable
Grading will be held according for all under 12 and over age groups, over three sessions (where possible). The grading process shall commence as soon as the Committee has completed registrations and the likely number of teams in each age group has been determined. Grading dates and times will be given out during the registration process and be available for viewing on the Club's website.

Grading Process
If a new player does no attend grading, they will automatically be graded into the lowest division and provided an opportunity to regrade prior to the season commencement if it's determined that their skill and ability is of a higher standard than the lowest division.

All players must be graded and play in the age group in which they are registered. The only exception is:

  • If the age group has a surplus number of players beyond the coach's requirements and the age group above can accommodate those players;
  • If in the previous season, a player was granted permission to play up an age group, that player may elect to do the same the following season.

Exceptions are at the discretion of the grading committee, in consultation with the players and their parents.

Each player being graded is to be individually assessed in accordance with the Grading Criteria.

The assessment does not only take into account skill, but also attitude and work ethic.

At the conclusion of the grading process, the Grading Committee shale meet to review and discuss the formation and allocation of individual players to each team.

At no stage will TTFC provide a guarantee to any individual player or parent to place children in a team that they believe would be best for their own personal gain or based on their belief of what may be best. The club philosophy is to grade players thorough the club system via an experienced team. The panel will ensure all players receive fair and equal opportunity. Should players or parents be unhappy with grading decisions, they can go through the TTFC dispute resolution process where a review will occur to investigate any player or parent dissatisfaction.

No Player will be guaranteed placement in a particular team. Player and parent expectations may differ with selectors and TTFC will not allow players or parents to discuss an individual player's ability or preferences with individual selectors. Upon confirmation of teams from our selection panel players or parents have 24hrs notice to lodge a complaint should there be any disputes. A written letter addressed to the TTFC executive committee is required, which will be reviewed and responded to within 7 working days.

Players are placed into teams, according to the likely best fit between the player's skill and abilities determined through the grading assessment, personality/attitude and the requirements of the team.

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